Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Structures - Barry Cumbie

Type Example Connotation
Firm DSP Start-Up Because this firm was developed within a fraternity, making it a firm seems to note that there is no undue focus on any individual member.
Political Party “Rent Is Too Damn High Party” For a political organization, this name seems to be the only one that would provide legitimacy.
Nonprofit Organization Boys and Girls Club of America Seeking to help mentor, develop, and benefit children without charging their parents makes this just about the only type of organization that makes for Boys and Girls Club.
Multinational Terrorist Organization Al-Qaeda Al-qaeda – translated “the base,”an organization that spans multiple nations and tries to create wreak havoc
Team Los Angeles Lakers basketball team A group of people who join together for a common goal, usually with each member specializing in certain aspects of reaching that goal (i.e. Kobe Bryant – scorer, closer; Andrew Bynum – shot blocker, rebounder)
Comedy troupe Holy Ghost Players Group of individuals who work together to do impromptu comedy, playing off of one another and adding humorous content, hence their name

The One Stop Shop For Urban Wear - Barry Cumbie

NOTE: The design constraints of my blog make it difficult to see the picture. However, if you click the picture, then right click the image overlay that appears and open it in a new tab/window, you should be able to see the image as large as originally intended. has been one of my favorite sites for a long time. I first came to the site because I was looking to spend money from my summer job on some "fresh threads" to wear to school.
Anyway, the site is an online urban clothing retailer, so it targets those who subscribe to the hip-hop subculture, and the many subcategories thereof: athletes, preps, skaters, dancers, etc.
The site is known for its sales, as they are typically much better than any deal one can find on the top notch brands in bricks-and-mortar stores. The sales are not for one item, but discounts typically increase or decrease depending on the amount spent (usually one percentage for under $100 and a higher percentage for over $100). By using these sales - which usually have restrictions (i.e. discounts don't apply to certain brands like Nike or Beats by Dre, which is pictured above) - DrJays can entice customers to spend more. Of course, there is also a countdown timer (although by now, most regular customers are aware that a very similar sale will be up within minutes of the deadline). I don't know how they do it, but the site continues to offer the best selection and quality of clothing/accessories for "hip hop heads" at incredibly low prices. The site also features a blog, celebrity interviews, contests, and social networking accounts including Instagram, where the site encourages customers to tag DrJays and take pictures wearing their new clothes. With great product pictures, product specs, and many different forms of "entertailment" as well as memberships, exclusive deals, newsletters, and responsive customer service, DrJays is far ahead of its competition in providing the best in urban wear.