Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fit For A King

What a sad day it was when we found out that Michael Jackson had passed away at the age of 50 years old. Half a century of music, dance, showmanship, as well as trials, tribulations and turmoil came to an end way too soon. His memorial service was something to remember, with the best and brightest stars coming out to show their support, fighting back tears as they spoke and sang about the superstar and icon that they adored. Some of the highlights of the service included:

Brooke Shields, who recalled some of her favorite memories of Michael.

Usher's very fitting and emotional rendition of "Gone Too Soon," written by Michael Jackson.

Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson (can't believe Michael Jordan wasn't there?).

Al Sharpton's speech - probably his best ever. He sounded ready to have A Dream and take us to The Mountaintop and everything else. Legendary stuff, seriously.

Jennifer Hudson singing "Will You Be There?" by Michael Jackson.

Jermaine Jackson singing Michael Jackson's favorite song, "Smile."

Jermaine and Marlon Jackson speaking about their lost and beloved brother, Michael.

Of course, at the end was the most heartbreaking moment of the entire service. When Michael Jackson's 11 year old daughter Paris stepped up to the microphone to speak.

She is certainly her father's daughter. Janet was supposed to speak, but instead little Paris displayed the same show-stealing ability that her father had. When she was done, the whole world loved her just as they had loved MJ. It was reminiscent of JFK Jr., who was much younger when his father was assassinated. The parallels are quite awe-inspiring. While we knew of both Paris and John-John, we were introduced to them after they had lost their fathers and fell in love with them because of their emotional, yet strong and courageous reactions. When she began to cry, her tears became my tears, as well as the rest of the world's. Everyone was united for that moment in time and had we been able to bring her father back just for her, we would have in an instant.
Overall, the service was beautiful, near-flawlessly executed (especially when one considers the time constraints) and was quite a testament to the life, times, and greatness of the Greatest Entertainer of All Time, Michael Jackson. His memorial inspired me to live a life worthy of such a heartfelt goodbye and glorious sendoff.