Thursday, July 9, 2009

Speaking of Affairs, What About Gov. Sanford?

Is it just me, or is Steve McNair ending up looking worse in the public eye than Governor Mark Sanford? Why? Could it possibly be because one lived to apologize for his certain parts of his scandal while one did not? Okay, let me keep it real for a minute. I'm a Christian, and a moderate - meaning that I'm in the middle. I like the Democrats' stance on equality and income, energy, and most other things. The Republicans have me sold on the family values for the most part, though (plus I plan to be wealthy one day and can appreciate the fact that they usually have wealthy people's interest at heart). I have to hear the issues and decide, I do not simply align with one party or the other with blind loyalty. My thoughts on politics are a lot like those of Chris Rock (except that I don't condone prostitution, of course).

But for some reason (probably because many conservative politicians seem to like speaking from their ever-shrinking moral high ground) it never ceases to amaze me how many of them get caught doing the very things that they vote against in Congress, campaign against, or speak out against in public. Some of them, including um... I don't know,SANFORD HIMSELF even called for the impeachment of others for infidelity in the past (namely Bill Clinton). Next thing you know, South Carolina's governor is missing. Yup, South Carolina. Home to State Senator Kevin Bryant, remember him? They've got to do better, but I'm from Mississippi and have no room to talk. Anyway, this dude was missing for nearly a week. His aides didn't know where he was, nor did anyone else. Turns out that he was in the arms of his Argentine lover. The song "Area Codes" by Ludacris comes to mind, or should I say "Pimpin' All Over The World?" His tryst included Father's Day weekend! FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND!Sanford has four sons!

I'd really hate to say this, but it's too funny for me not to. Do you even know how good this lady had to be putting it on this man to make him leave four sons on Father's Day? That's like over-eaters - without saying a word. She must be a kama sutra expert or something because homeboy was ready to shirk every duty he had just for another go. Wow. I'm thinking that maybe I should do a study abroad in Argentina soon? The whole thing reminds me of a scene from Harlem Nights. The scene where a hooker named Sunshine goes undercover to set a guy up, and he falls helplessly in love with her. So in love with her that he calls his house. Evidently, his son answers the phone. He says:

"Put your mother on the phone.
(Long pause)
Hey. I ain't never comin' home again

Talk about life imitating art. Sanford has called his mistress his soulmate and does not really seem to have any intentions of ending the relationship.

His mistress has been identified as Maria Belen Chapur of Argentina. Chapur is an Argentine journalist and English translator, and she looks like this.

Maybe she was doing an investigative report on American politicians and infidelity? If so, it seems that she really likes to throw herself into her work.
Just a thought.

Oh, and Sanford has not resigned. He was censured, but never impeached. I bet he understands Bill Clinton very well these days.