Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Libido Lynching Attempt

Well, well, well. Betrayed by Mr. Johnson again. People, I'm telling you. Sex is powerful. Indulge at your own risk.

RIP Michael Jackson. The man's music resonates to this day. The MJ song that fits this particular story goes a little something like this.

That's exactly how this guy felt. The story, found here, goes that Older Married Man meets
Pretty Young Thing in Starbucks. Older Married Man begins an affair with Pretty Young Thing,
which culminates in a divorce from his wife and a marriage to Pretty Young Thing. What
Older Married Man, also known as Michael Dippolito, 38, didn't know is that his new
pretty young wife, Dalia, 26, was out for that paper. She wanted that guap. She was ready
to "just throw it in the bag." So much so, in fact, that she hired a hitman to kill the guy. Morgan
Freeman beware, some of these younger women will kill you if they have to so that they
can reap the benefits of your labor. You've got to know that his dumped ex-wife is falling over
herself laughing at him.
"That's what you get. You tried to leave me for your little freak and it almost got you
killed. Hahahahahaha! AHHHH, hahahahaha!"

Sex is a weapon, folks. I say it time and time again. Keep it in your pants, it could save your life.
Here's what this guy said after he realized what was going down.
"It hasn't sunk in. I don't really get what happened."
I do, Dippolito! Come on, man. You got PLAYED! Screwed, conned, pimped, effed. She never
wanted you, she simply seduced you with a few tricks and had a plan to get that cash and kill you.
After you left what I have to presume was a good woman for her. You look like a fool on TV.
Speaking of fools, here's Miss Pretty Young Idiot herself being arrested.

Just face it, sweetie. You're going to jail and to a cell with some chick named Big Bertha who will
most likely make your life a living hell. After "our boy Mike" comes to his senses and begins to
think with the right head, he will undoubtedly see the warning signs he once ignored. Hindsight
is 20/20, after all. Stay home with your wives and quit chasing these freaks. Learn from
McNair (RIP) and this dude. That lust is a killer. Self-control is the answer.