Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hallelujah, hallelujah! To any bitter dog lovers out there who are upset because of my enthusiasm for the Brotha's return, read the title (of the blog, that is) and realize that I DO NOT APOLOGIZE. PERIOD. I wrote earlier about the hypocrisy of the legal system and the league concerning this matter, and am glad that he'll be back on the field. Go to jail for 15 days and get suspended for a year for killing a man, go to jail for 2 years and STILL face further suspension for killing dogs? Meanwhile, as Steve Harvey put it in his stand-up film, "Still Trippin,'" cops go home after killing Sean Bell? I'm sorry, the message was wrong - and that's why people in the urban community have been waiting, hoping, and praying for Michael Vick to play again. That urban community includes me. Yes, I said it. So there. Sick your dog on me if you dare.

Anyway, the brotha signed a 2 year contract to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. McNabb and Vick on the same team? The possibilities are endless. People thought he would only get one year. SIKE! 2 years, and I guarantee you that if he is productive during his first, there will be extensions offered. Get your jerseys now, people. Eagles just became a team to watch. Thank God for the NFL channel - I don't ever have to miss a game. Oh, and be sure to catch Michael Vick on 60 Minutes this Sunday night where his interview - conducted by sports correspondent James Brown - will be aired.