Thursday, August 6, 2009

Plaxico Burress Is Going To Jail

Song of the moment: Akon's "Locked Up." How does it go again? Oh yeah, I remember.

"I'm lah-cked up, they won't let me out."
Former New York Giants Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress, who you may remember shot himself in the thigh last season at a nightclub on accident while illegally carrying a gun, has been indicted by a grand jury. He faces weapons charges and is looking at three and a half years in jail if convicted. Read the full story here.
He's likely to receive that sentence, too, being that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out against him and even said that anything short of the maximum 3 1/2 years would be a "mockery of the law." That maximum sentence popped in his head rather quick, if you ask me. He rattled it off and said that he wanted the man to get it. Does anyone else think he's a little eager to send someone to jail (meanwhile everyone, including Roger Goodell, has little or nothing to say about Big Ben Roethlisberger)? Especially when you look at the fact that the guy shot himself and no one else suffered any type of injury, there was no mass mayhem in the club, no riots, no fires, no stray bullets? Another reason that I feel it's best to get paid for using your mind. As long as you're breaking a sweat to get paid, people look at you and more importantly, treat you something like a slave. A well-paid slave, but a slave nonetheless.
I hear the argument. "Someone could've been shot." This is a very accurate statement. Could have been. When's the last time someone got convicted of murder for shooting and missing? Like Katt Williams says, "Don't worry, I'll wait." That's what I thought. Considering that all the damage was done to the shooter and his career, I think probation or a minimal stint in prison would suffice. It is really something, the hypocrisy of the legal system and the NFL. Michael Vick gets 2 years and major suspensions for his role in a dogfighting ring. Plaxico is looking at 3 1/2 for shooting himself in a nightclub because he was not licensed to carry the gun. Donte Stallworth, however, KILLS a man while drunk driving and gets 15 days in jail? Stallworth paid a hefty sum to the victim's family. I'm sure Michael Vick would've paid a similarly-hefty sum to the shelter that got the surviving dogs he had mistreated. I'm also sure that Burress would have been ready and willing to drop some guap on the nightclub or hospital. Or his injured thigh, for that matter. The message from commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL, and our criminal justice system to the world is pretty clear: Kill somebody! Don't you dare injure yourself to the point that you're worthless to us or our franchises and for God's sake, you better not lay a finger on the dogs.